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Honors and Awards

Dr. Wayne Strasser

Dr. Wayne Strasser has provided computational solutions to problems related to fluids, chemical reactions, and phase change for various global industry partners for 25 years, resulting in increased energy utilization and improved product yield valued at tens of millions (USD) annually. The thrusts of his current research include optimization of a transonic self-sustaining pulsatile airblast atomizer and hybrid RANS-LES modeling of primary atomization. He has 36 patents in the US, plus those abroad. He is a registered P.E. in three US states, an ASME Fellow, an Executive Director of Industrial Relations for ASTFE, the TFEC2019 Conference Co-Chair, and operates a private CFD consulting company. He previously chaired the ASME Fluid Applications and Systems Technical Committee and the ASME Honors and Awards Committee, but he now chairs the ASME Fluid Mechanics Technical Committee. He co-organizes two ASME symposia annually related to Industrial and Environmental flows, and he actively reviews articles for at least a dozen journals. For the Journal of Fluids Engineering, he is an Associate Editor in the areas of pumps and multiphase flows. He also enjoys lively philosophical debate on the origin and meaning of life.


Daniel Wilson
Reid Prichard
Eric Turman

Daniel Wilson (PhD)

Daniel Wilson received his B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from Clemson University. For his masters thesis, he worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop a process for hypersonic aircraft conceptual design initialization. During his graduate studies at Clemson, he taught the undergraduate lab on thermal/fluid sciences and data acquisition. To continue his education, he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Liberty University, where the primary thrust of his research is optimizing the atomization of biosludge for energy conversion using CFD. He is passionate about developing his skills as an engineer, progressing as a researcher, and teaching students. During his free time, he enjoys reading, particularly the works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, and spending time with his wife and son.

Reid Prichard (PhD)

Engineering isn't just my degree - it's my passion. I love learning new things and breaking new ground, so I have been excited at the broad range of opportunities afforded to me while working toward my PhD at Liberty University. I began my program by presenting a study on supercavitation at ASME's IMECE conference and winning First Place in their “Young Engineers Paper” contest. After finishing my supercavitation work, I wrote a literature review of studies of fluid flow through the brain, which will be featured as a chapter of an upcoming book on traumatic brain injuries. I closed out my first semester by learning advanced meshing techniques to perform a project for an international nuclear power corporation. I am currently working within the field of biomimetics, specifically investigating the use of shark skin to control boundary layer separation.

Eric Turman (MS)

Eric earned his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Liberty University and is currently pursuing a master’s in engineering under Dr. Wayne Strasser. Eric’s research involves coupling computational fluid dynamics with machine learning to develop better CFD models.

During his time as a student at Liberty, Eric was a member of the Baja and Formula SAE clubs. Eventually working as the co-captain of the Formula SAE team, Eric helped lead the team towards the completion of its first electric vehicle.

Eric has professional experience gained through internships working in the manufacturing and defense industries. These opportunities were a driving factor for him to pursue higher education so that he could develop a greater understanding of computational modeling and advanced engineering practices.

Keith Unuafe (MS)

On the surface, Keith Unuafe is a die-hard lover of advanced engineering, technology and its applications not only to the societal development but also to the world at large. He finds Mechanical engineering to be highly fascinating in that it opens doors to countless exciting researches sufficient to satiate his inquisitive mind.

Keith received his B.Eng. in Mechanical engineering from Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. During his time as a student at FUTA, he always recognized the salutary effects of a high quality education as both a path to personal and intellectual fulfillment preparing him for a future career.

He has professional experiences gained through working with local and international organizations in manufacturing industries. These opportunities were a driving factor for him to pursue higher education so that he could develop a greater understanding of computational modeling and advanced engineering practices at Liberty University.

He is passionate about developing his skills as an engineer and progressing as a researcher. He enjoys reading, especially the Holy Bible and spending time with his wife, Hannah


Hayley Yukihiro

Hayley Yukihiro

Hayley Yukihiro is currently an undergraduate student that is curious about the applications of engineering across a variety of disciplines. Since electrical engineering is her main focus, she is interested in learning and working with control systems and electronics. She has been able to explore her interests through schooling and applicable internships that focused on these key areas. With an additional software engineering degree, she decided it would benefit her learning by trying to understand the coding side of engineering to be well-rounded as an electrical engineer in the professional workplace. She is an active member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and is always willing to encourage other female students to pursue a career in engineering. In the FLUIDS group, Hayley hopes to be challenged by learning CFD and be able help in supporting the efforts of analyzing the HOPE inVent ventilator.

Elijah Reeves

Personal Mission Statement: “To ultimately glorify God and reflect Christ-like attitude in the engineering profession.”

Elijah Reeves is currently a mechanical engineering student at Liberty University. He is actively involved in the Baja Competition Team and the FLUID research group directed by Dr. Wayne Strasser, PhD. His current research objective is to develop an acoustic levitation system that suspends objects with sound waves and generate phase change in a containerless environment.

He also enjoys staying physically active through various sports and workout routines.

Emily Schneidau

Emily is a mechanical engineering undergraduate interested in the intersection of engineering with the biological sciences. In addition to fluids research, she is helping build an electric vehicle with her university’s Formula SAE team, and she is also a leader in her chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. In her free time, she loves to read, watch sunsets, and have long conversations with friends.

Elijah Yoder

Elijah Yoder is a Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate student interested in studying God’s creation and using that as inspiration for modern engineering. His F.L.U.I.D. research involves studying the Bombardier Beetle’s volatile spray defense mechanism and utilizing that in a fire extinguisher. He has been a part of Liberty’s Formula SAE team and has had various hands-on engineering experience through internships with PennDOT. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing sports of various kinds, and catching up on the latest movies.

Nicholas Veeder

Veeder is working towards a B.S. in mechanical engineering at Liberty University. His research is on the gasification of food waste for energy generation specifically for implementation in developing countries. He has also lead researcher on data transmission and retrieval via CubeSat for missionaries and humanitarian aid.

Nathan Rogers

Hi, my name is Nathan Rogers and I’m a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Student at Liberty University. I picked ME because I thought it most suited my skill set and interests. While I do not yet have a specific job I am aiming for, I hope with my research and potential internship in the near future I will have a better sense of what specific field of work I wish to join. When I’m not studying for the next thermodynamics test, I enjoy playing piano (especially movie soundtracks), studying apologetics, and playing grand strategy games (both board and video).

Isaac Liu
Jacob Walker

Isaac Liu

A mechanical engineering major, Isaac manages the team’s website. He loves exploring the impacts of technology on society. In his free time, he enjoys long-form articles and wuxia films.

Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker is an undergrad mechanical engineering student. He is the simulation and analysis team lead for Liberty University's Formula SAE team and is interested in using ANSYS to model the aerodynamics of the team's vehicle. He has worked as a structural CAD technician for the past three summers and enjoys hands-on engineering projects. He plans to intern as a project engineer at Pratt & Whitney this summer.

Eli Best

Eli studies Mechanical Engineering and is working on high flow nasal cannula research with F.L.U.I.D. He is a subsystem lead for the Formula SAE team at Liberty University and has always pursued hands-on applications of engineering. He enjoys controls engineering with Arduino boards and has experience in basic machine design through an internship with a nuclear engineering company.

Aaron Young

Aaron Young earned his A.S. in General engineering from CVCC and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical engineering at Liberty University. Apart from holding the position of Aerodynamic system lead for Liberty's Formula SAE team, he also works with the university's planning and construction department to catalog and model all of Liberty's buildings and topography. In his free time, he enjoys all manner of bush craft and playing golf.

Sydney Gates

Sydney is an undergraduate Mechanical engineering student interested in the aerodynamic capability of aircraft. She also works on the aerodynamics subsystem for Liberty University’s Formula SAE team and is in Liberty’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). She is also currently completing a three year internship at NAS Patuxent River in Patuxent River, MD working as an Aeromechanics Flight Test engineer on the E-2D and HC-27J Aerial Refueling Platforms. She plans on continuing her work there after graduation from Liberty University.

Isabelle Ambrose

Isabelle Ambrose is a current mechanical engineering student interested in how current renewable energy resources can be improved and applied in aircrafts through engineering. In addition to research, she is on her university’s Formula SAE team working on creating and preforming simulations for the vehicle. In her free time, she loves to work as a tutor, hike, read, and work on her clothing line.

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