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Our Goal

To maximize Christ’s glory by earning recognition in providing timely, rigorous, and viable computational fluid dynamics analyses.

Our Research

We do research on all things "fluid dynamics."¹


We model the airborne spread of disease by leveraging high-performance computing , studying a novel respiratory treatment and creating new ventilator designs. Learn more->

Deep Dive into Physics

This includes study on ultrasonic levitation, droplet atomization, turbulence modeling, formula car aerodynamics, supercavitating torpedoes and more. Learn more->


We study aspects including waste reduction and reclamation, energy efficiency and reclamation, food safety, and efficient nasal therapy. Learn more->


We have investigated the fluid dynamics of shark skin and dolphin skin, developed a beetle-inspired fire extinguisher, and studied flow in the brain. Learn more->

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We are currently researching quantum computing heat transfer, artificial intelligence applied to fluid control and self-driven model development, and high performance computing. Learn more->

Industrial Applications

We have researched nuclear power plant design, chemical reactor design, and energy generation. Learn more->

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